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Pay You Later (IOU)

1 usd

Have you ever loaned anyone money and they say, "I'll pay you later"? Or has someone owed you money and they've taken so long to pay you have forgotten what they owed you? Or perhaps you paid someone and they dispute that you did? Well say goodbye to those situations! 'Pay You Later' is a very simple debt tracker and will keep track of debts owed! Add any number of people and add entries! It is simple and easy to use! Quickly open the app and enter an entry in seconds!
Simply enter amount, action, date and enter a short description of the event. You can view all entries or view an individuals. The user has the option of edited or deleting any entry. Once debt is paid off, simply delete that person from the list! This keeps track of balance owed between all individuals and a running total of all money owed. Instruction page is included if confused.
This app is quick and easy to use! No more I owe you's on paper! Very easy interface!
Never forget what you loaned someone with this app! No more IOU's
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